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  • Project Lead's update: 19/8/2019





    The last two weeks have been exciting, having finally gotten the chassis for the MTAA Super Charge 2 delivered from Sydney Composites. Thank you to Aiden and Lily for taking the time to collect it! Since getting the chassis we’ve also had our sponsor, AO Graphics, in the workshop diligently applying the decals and sponsor logos in preparation for the Build Completion Event. The rest of the team is hard at work finalising preparations for the big race and preparing the remaining components of the car for assembly. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!!

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  • The ‘Sol Invictus’ Team is ANU's second attempt at competing in the Bridgestone World Solar Car Challenge. Comprising of 30 Members, we seek to cultivate both industry and student relationships with the ultimate goal of placing within the Top 10 teams to cross the finish line.


    The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) requires teams to race over 3000km across the desert. With more than 40 different teams competing from over 30 different countries, the race offers a chance for the worlds best to compete for the win.

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