• Sol Invictus team grows to 29 members strong

    With work ramping up and a Solar Car needing to be built, Sol Invictus has gone on a recruitment drive to capture ANU’s best talent! Sol Invictus is now made up of 29 talented students with a passion for renewable energy and a drive to lead to the team to success in 2019.


    The Technical Team is led by seasoned veterans Avik Mason, John Oost and Formula One superstar Jacob Debono. The Business and Sponsorship team is led by 2017 race veteran Zane Mahood and a host of promising new talent. The business team have picked up a ANU’s best from a wide a range of academic disciplines, including Law, Marketing, Finance and Art.


    With a mix of everything you could want, the ANU Solar Car Team is itching to head into 2019 and tackle anything thrown at them.


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  • Sol Invictus off to Sizzling Start

    Sol Invictus’ journey to the finish line at Adelaide in 2019 has started off with a sizzle with the team hosting ANUSA’s Universal Lunch Hour late in Semester 2. The team manned the BBQ, chopped the onions, turned some sausages and squeezed some sauce all with a Sol Invictus smile.


    Other than being a great opportunity for some hungry students to get a free lunch, the BBQ was a chance for the team to reach out to the wider student body and talk about everything solar car. Business Team Lead Zane Mahood and Events Officer Henry Xu were on hand to spruik up interest and talk about how everyone can get behind the ANU’s Solar Car Team. Many students who hadn’t heard about Solar Car dropped by for a chat and left as a solar car supporter with a full stomach.


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  • Diversity at Sol Invictus

    At Sol Invictus, we believe the key to strength is diversity. Diverse teams lead to a diversity of opinions, perspectives, ideas and solutions. When facing particularly difficult problems, diverse teams eliminate the risk of group think, encourage robust debate, challenge the status quo and generate innovative solutions. Consequently, at Sol Invictus we pride ourselves on our diversity.


    As of December 2018, 30% of all Sol Invictus members are female and we are actively looking to improve this number. Recognising the challenges female students have in breaking into STEM, Sol Invictus plans to partner with the College of Engineering and Computer Science and other student societies to explore how we can continue to support and encourage diversity and inclusion.


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