• Sol Invictus Newsletters

    Official launch of the MTAA Super Charge 2! Plus find out about our SciScouts display about the health of our drivers.

    Solar cell encapsulation is complete! This means our solar panels are now ready to attach onto our solar car.

    Find out more about how we design our solar car's suspension, as well us the dates of our upcoming events, and qualification for the upcoming race!

    ANU Open Day has come and passed, plus find out more about our steering system.


    Human power vs Solar Power - who will come out on top? Plus some updates on the car build and some of our social events.

    The MTAA Super Sol Invictus colouring in competition has come to a close, as well us updates to the carbon fibre chassis, battery cells, and more!

    The chassis of our solar car has arrived and the battery box is almost complete.


    Bushweek, battery boxes, Tomato Trials and more. It has been a busy week for the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team.

  • Sol Invictus Team Design Phase Nearing Completion

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