• Naming Sponsor: MTAA Super

    MTAA Super (Motor Trade Association Australia) is a national industry-based super fund that has proudly served the motor trades and allied industries for over 25 years. MTAA Super manages their members best interests and places them at the centre of everything they do. They are solely run for the benefit of their members and don’t pay dividends to shareholders or fees to financial advisors.


    MTAA Super is passionate about connecting with its community through supporting student run initiatives, the future of the automotive industry and its people. Along with sponsoring Sol Invictus, they also promote awareness of mental health and breast cancer research by partnering with initiatives like R U OK? Australia and the annual Mother’s Day Classic fun run.


    MTAA Super’s partnership with Sol Invictus aligns with their commitment to innovation and goal of environmental sustainability. They consider climate change one of the most important risks facing their investments and acknowledge that how a company impacts the environment affects its likelihood of long-term and sustainable success. They are committed to ensuring that climate change risks are analysed and considered before decisions on new investments are made. They are delighted to be supporting the ANU and research into renewable technology.


    MTAA Super is proud to be the naming sponsor for the university’s MTAA Super Sol Invictus for the fourth year running. It is a pleasure to be working with MTAA Super and we are deeply grateful for their support. The sponsorship has enabled us to focus on building a solar car that is ready to face the technical and logistical challenges of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Thank you to MTAA Super for making our dream possible.

  • Platinum Sponsors

  • The Australian National University

    The Australian National University is a leading figure in research and teaching worldwide. Based in Canberra, it combines academic excellence and practical teaching to deliver the best tertiary education in Australia. The ANU is ranked in the world's top 30 universities with multiple individual disciplines ranking in the top 20 in the world. The ANU has a history of supporting student led innovation and is proud to be a fundamental sponsor for MTAA Super Sol Invictus.

  • Silver Sponsors

  • ANU Sport

    ANU Sport is a student and community sport and recreation organisation focused on promoting good health and welfare in the Canberra region. ANU Sport is proud to be a silver level sponsor of the MTAA Super Sol Invictus Team for the third year running.

    Sydney Composites

    Sydney Composites is an experienced composites manufacturer, specialising in materials such as fibreglass and carbon fibre. Not only is Sydney Composites a proud Silver level sponsor for MTAA Super Sol Invictus, but also the manufacturer of the carbon fibre chassis for the MTAA Super Charge 2.

    Tindo Solar

    Tindo Solar is a wholly Australian owned and operated company founded in 2011 focused on increasing manufacturing output and creating Australian jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector. Tindo designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels in Australia, for Australia and the world. Tindo is proud to be a silver level sponsor for MTAA Super Sol Invictus.

  • Bronze Sponsors

  • AO Graphics


    Bank Australia

    Capital Brewing Co.