• The Race

    Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


    The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is a biennial global competition whose teams from around the world build and race solar-powered vehicles. Starting from Darwin with a finish line set in Adelaide, the race totals a distance of over 3000km through the harsh Australian Outback. The BWSC consistently attracts over 40 teams biennially, with both domestic and international participants, bringing significant global media attention to the race. Entrants include prestigious universities ranging from Stanford to Cambridge, as well as technological institutions and private enterprises such as MIT and Volkswagen.

    2019 Race: MTAA Super Charge 2.0

    The MTAA Super Sol Invictus team is back again for the 15th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and looking to build on the solid result of the MTAA Super Charge in 2017. With an all new carbon-fibre monocoque design, the new car is lighter, faster, more aerodynamic and targeting a big result in the race this October

    2017 Race: MTAA Super Charge

    The ANU Sol Invictus Racing debut occurred at the 30th Anniversary of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. After qualifying to race in the Adventure Class, the MTAA Super Charge finished within the top 20 in a very competitive field; and impressive first attempt, offering both growth and experience for future races.