• Who We Are


    With some of the most talented students on campus, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus team pushes the boundaries of what is possible. Utilising complex simulations, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing techniques the team is taking engineering to new heights.




    The MTAA Super Sol Invictus team seeks to break down the barriers between different disciplines across the university. Currently, the team boasts students from the Colleges of Arts and Social Sciences, Asia & The Pacific, Business and Economics, Engineering and Computer Science, Law, and Science - 6 of the 7 academic colleges at the Australian National University.


    As students who have all been inspired by sustainability and the ability to make a change, the MTAA Super Sol Invictus team is dedicated to stimulating the same interest in the wider community. Particularly through outreach events at both primary and high schools, the team plans to create a like-minded generation who strive to address global issues.


    MTAA Super Sol Invictus actively aims to include people from a wide variety of social, economic, gender and regional backgrounds. This is done through promotional campaigns through rural schools across the country, as well as involvement in programs to promote women in science and technology.


    By providing the opportunity to work on a large scale multifaceted project, MTAA Super Sol Invictus looks to empower its students through personal development and career progression. Many of the team's students have been enabled to chase their dreams and gone on to work at companies as varied as American Express, KPMG, Nova Systems, Renault Sport Formula 1 Team and Mt. Stromlo Observatory